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Noch mehr Statistik

Hier ein paar einfache mathematische Überlegungen, die Situation in den USA betreffend:

If one population is declining by 5% a year and another population is increasing by 5% a year it doesn’t matter very much how big the first population is to start with. The graph lines will take no time at all to intersect – in fact at 5% (according to the Rule of 70) one population will halve in 14 years, the other will double. Assuming that 2% of the Catholics in the USA are going to the Latin Mass now (one million people) and that 49 mill are going to the NOM, then in 14 years assuming 5% increase and decrease respectively, only 24.5 mill will still be attending the NOM while Two Million would be attending the Old Rite. In 28 years time only 12.25 million people will be attending the NOM and four million the Old Rite (33%). Another 14 years and 6.125 million people will be at a Novus Ordo Parish and 8 million at the Old Mass.

Following current trends in about forty years the Old Mass people will be in the majority.

Und vierzig Jahre sind seit dem Konzil gerade erst vergangen. Anders gesagt: Achtzig Jahre nach dem Konzil wäre die Messe Pauls VI. in den USA ein Minderheitenphänomen.

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