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Orationen, statistisch betrachtet

Wieviele Orationen aus dem Missale Romanum von, sagen wir, 1962 waren 1970 im neuen Messbuch noch enthalten? Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf hat die Antwort:

I found a useful, if tendentious, booklet by Anthony Cekada, The Prayers of the Modern Mass (Rockford: TAN Books and Publishers, 1991). This is what Cekada claims (p. 9):

Above we quoted a statement from Father Guy Oury that the Missal of Paul VI contains three-quarters of the Missal of St. Pius V. Surely such a statement would be accurate if the revisers had – as advertised – merely “touched up” and “enriched” the orations here and there.

The statistics, however, tell a different story: The traditional Missal contains 1182 orations. About 760 of those were dropped entirely. Of the approximately 36% which remained, the revisers altered over half of them before introducing them into the new Missal. Thus, only some 17% of the orations from the old Missal made it untouched into the new Missal.

Even this paltry percentage may be greatly reduced. The first figure of 1182 orations reflects only individual texts in the traditional Missal – it does not take into account the many times these texts were repeated in toto in several different Masses celebrated at various points during the liturgical year.

However one may compute it, the bulk of the traditional orations simply disappeared under the revisers’ busy blue pencils. In terms of numbers and statistics alone, therefore, the contents of Paul VI’s Missal represent a radical break with the Church’s liturgical tradition.

Cekada calculated that “about 425 of the old orations were used in the 1970 Missal. Of those 425, approximately 225 were changed in some way, and approximately 200 were left untouched” (p. 34 n. 15).

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