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Gerald Augustinus bringt die Dinge auf den Punkt:

„Russia currently has 143 million people. If current trends continue, then its population would be cut in half by mid-century.

Russia is the most extreme case of dying out among European states (technically, Russia belongs to Asia east of the Ural mountains). All countries of Europe suffer from drastic reductions of birth rates combined with longer life spans. Thus, the social systems are slowly collapsing, since less and less people have to finance the pensions of more and more retired people. Not surprisingly, the percentage of married people is going down and the divorce rate is going up. So much for yesterday’s ’study‘ of secularism being good for the world.

On the bright side – religious people procreate more, secular ones procreate less and abort more – in the USA that’s called the Roe effect. Liberals extinguish themselves.“

(Hab ich’s Euch nicht gesagt?)

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