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Apostolic Boldness

Eine katholische Analyse erklärt, warum Ratzinger ein großartiger Papst wäre:

„Ratzinger is not a fearful conservative. In fact, what Ratzinger proposes for the Church is an apostolic boldness in the face of secularism, indifference, and moral chaos that builds on the foundations laid by John Paul the Great. A Ratzinger papacy would boldly engage the modern world on any intellectual or philosophical battlefield proposed. And on that battlefield, a Pope Ratzinger, combining his tremendous charisms of intellect and faith, would stun an indifferent world with the Truth. Ratzinger would not be afraid. Ratzinger would put out into the deep and let down his nets for a catch. He will not conform. Like John Paul the Great, Ratzinger would be a voice of reason and sanity prophetically calling the world to conversion.“

Hätte ich auch nicht von mir gedacht, dass ich einmal so viel Gutes über Joseph Ratzinger schreiben und zitieren würde.

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