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Catholic Analysis zur Moraltheologie (The Proportionalist...

Catholic Analysis zur Moraltheologie (The Proportionalist Argument): „Proportionalists are those ‚Catholic‘ moral theologians who believe in situation ethics. In other words, they believe, contrary to Church teaching, that no acts are instrinsically evil and that whether an act is morally evil depends on its consequences.

Most of you who have studied Philosophy 101, or read any philosophy at all, will likely recognize this supposedly nuanced, avant-garde species of moral theology as nothing more than rehashed nineteenth century utilitarianism. And you would be right.

But it seems that large segments of Catholic moral theology seem bent on replicating, with borrowed Catholic terminology inserted here and there, the errors of philosophy that emerged from nineteenth century Protestant England and Germany. This imitation is then presented as an intellectual breakthrough. But it is an intellectual ‚breakthrough‘ only for those who have no familiarity with the history of Western philosophy.“

Schöne Einleitung, aber das dann folgende konkrete Beispiel ist mir dann doch etwas zu plakativ.

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